Cities of the World

  1. Press-gang (8)Show Answer
  2. Avenge in bizarre fashion (6)Show Answer
  3. Abandon love (5)Show Answer
  4. Hidden in the water, I gained an advantage (4)Show Answer
  5. Slip on spilt oil (7)Show Answer
  6. Dam on diverted stream (9)Show Answer
  7. Instruments; I’ll give you a hundred for a thousand (7)Show Answer
  8. Where schismatic popes used to dance? (7) Show Answer
  9. Company with board reshuffle (7)Show Answer
  10. Georgetown? (10)Show Answer
  11. NAH (7)Show Answer
  12. Article on heavenly beings in Spain (3,7)Show Answer
  13. Smoke drifting out East (4)Show Answer
  14. Port for Michael? (9)Show Answer
  15. Gone about on devious course round head of river (5,5)Show Answer
  16. Holy one possesses gift? Quite the reverse (6)Show Answer
  17. Golden, according to St Bernard (9)Show Answer
  18. A rejoinder: ‘O, I will provide the materials!’ (3,2,7)Show Answer
  19. Might be found following Jack (6)Show Answer
  20. Bankrupt round about – run madly! (9)Show Answer
  21. Listen to the poet of Arcadia (6)Show Answer
  22. Have a drink here with Brown? (9)Show Answer
  23. Its way of operating is to intimidate! (6)Show Answer
  24. Lofty hostelry (7) Show Answer
  25. See it at your peril? (6)Show Answer
  26. The capital of Czechoslovakia (4)Show Answer
    1. City of China (7)Show Answer
    2. City of China (7)Show Answer
    3. City of China (7)Show Answer
  27. Officer in charge is absorbing the atmosphere (5)Show Answer
  28. Parrot (i.e. exotic creature) (8)Show Answer
  29. Letter about an attempt (7) Show Answer
  30. Head of linguistics is good in French (6)Show Answer
  31. Change? Open to change, anyway (10)Show Answer
  32. Loaners? (3,7)Show Answer
  33. His judgment (or lack of it) led to the Trojan War (5)Show Answer
  34. Roundabout girl (8)Show Answer
  35. Tired to distraction (7)Show Answer
  36. Misshapen thorn by current carries weight (11)Show Answer
  37. Eccentric if and only if put together (7)Show Answer
  38. Malta, then Samos – that’s where you’ll find it (6) Show Answer
  39. BEDURGH (9)Show Answer
  40. Let a good old shepherd, leading them, guide you here (5)Show Answer
  41. Return of Anne the Fourth (6)Show Answer
  42. Managed Harry Secombe? (7)Show Answer
  43. A theologian is a Russian grandmother! (5,5)Show Answer
  44. Biscuit (4)Show Answer
  45. Immortalised in comic verse (8)Show Answer
    1. One evil one (6)Show Answer
    2. One evil one (6)Show Answer
  46. Zsa Zsa is unique! (8)Show Answer
  47. Fulham manager provides a home for it (5)Show Answer
  48. Where the tailor lived (10)Show Answer