For nearly 20 years I’ve contributed quite a few articles, mainly to our ‘Cathedral Notes’ here at Newcastle but also occasionally to the Diocesan journal or the national RSCM magazine.  ‘Cathedral Notes’ went into abeyance just as I was about to publish an article about the new (2016) initiative of a school ‘Organ Workshop’; it reappeared two years later, but then in late 2019 it ‘evolved’ to communicate news of the extensive building redevelopment project… and promptly went into abeyance again.

Several friends had suggested making these pieces available to a wider readership; so I started in 2017 with one which (back in 2000) introduced us at Newcastle… and then a much later one (2013) to celebrate two significant anniversaries!


Cathnotes FC at 30a

Several people liked one from 2014 discussing gender issues…
Cathnotes Gender14

… then the 2016 one about school Organ Workshops was finally uploaded in 2019…
Cathnotes 2019 1b

The cathedral became a building site in January 2020, with no vacation choirs planned.  We started making other plans for the summer; but meanwhile the Corona Virus crisis put a stop to all public worship – let alone vacation choirs.  It’s a very worrying time for everyone; but watch this space for developments regarding the Choir.  Here’s my May 2020 update: Summer 2020a

We’d planned to sing at Oxford in August 2020, but understandably the people at Christ Church Cathedral made the reluctant decision to ‘stand down’ all their summer choirs.  I mention this, and some other news, in my July 2020 update: Summer 2020b

Continuing restrictions into autumn and winter have of course affected all choirs.  At least BBC broadcasts of Choral Evensong were able to resume, and there have been some great initiatives in ‘streamed’ worship and music.  Fitz Choir people have commented that we should stay positive and keep planning; so here’s a further update to be going on with:  Autumn 2020a


After months of uncertainty, some vacation choirs are functioning again in Summer 2021.  Kieran joined friends from Yorkshire, back at Ripon Cathedral, on 7th-8th August for three very successful services. 

A small, determined Fitz Choir group (including four of those ‘Yorkie’ friends) went to Christ Church Cathedral, Oxford, from Wednesday 18th to Sunday 22nd August. We sang  four Evensongs, and Sung Eucharist on the Sunday. We’re uploading to our ‘GALLERY’ pictures from 2021 (and some which should have been posted there earlier!), and a full update appears here:

For further details, do contact us.