Birds, Beasts and Butterflies

  1. Rudolph and friends (8)Show Answer
  2. Deadly sin (5) Show Answer
  3. Deviant paroled (7)Show Answer
  4. One carried by boats to Athens (5)Show Answer
  5. Author of The Chronicles of Clovis (4)Show Answer
  6. Headless hound (5)Show Answer
  7. Nelson the communist? (3,7)Show Answer
  8. Cordon off (6) Show Answer
  9. Time in choirs mis-spent (7)Show Answer
  10. Wizard! (6)Show Answer
  11. Augustus in a rage? (6,7)Show Answer
  12. Rubbish on island (9)Show Answer
  13. A number wrapped in slumber (5)Show Answer
  14. Carpenter’s mate? (6) Show Answer
  15. Scoff predator (4)Show Answer
  16. One who might go a-wooing (4)Show Answer
  17. Cash register in religious house (10)Show Answer
  18. Chatter incessantly (6)Show Answer
  19. Burning love (8)Show Answer
  20. Minced alligator? No thanks (7)Show Answer
  21. Joins up, we hear (4)Show Answer
  22. Spy a pier (4)Show Answer
  23. Two familiar chaps (6)Show Answer
  24. Plain, yet add uncertainly (7,4)Show Answer
  25. Exist to make statement (6)Show Answer
  26. Name given to Leander’s love (5)Show Answer
  27. Izaak Walton to his admirers? (10)Show Answer
  28. Gaoler loses note (6)Show Answer
  29. Fool Quaker (3)Show Answer
  30. I call for more French (4)Show Answer
  31. Anecdotes to trick the lawyer (8)Show Answer
  32. Round ones tend to appear about Christmas (5)Show Answer
  33. Irish involved in social blunder (7) Show Answer
  34. All right then, a Greek letter (5)Show Answer
  35. Pig eats young salmon (7)Show Answer
  36. Heather is leading performer (8)Show Answer
  37. Navy one ran for many years (4)Show Answer
  38. Pester the rescuer of 22 and friend (6)Show Answer
  39. Supposedly pious ground in place (7) Show Answer
  40. Beginning to end of singular school of wizardry (7)Show Answer
  41. In Africa, melodies of great beauty are created (5)Show Answer
  42. "There’s a _________ close behind us" (Lewis Carroll) (8)Show Answer
  43. Dundee children in double file (9)Show Answer
  44. Priest takes in novice (5)Show Answer
  45. Monty’s associate (6) Show Answer
  46. Street decorations (7) Show Answer
  47. Kipling’s old man well and truly run after (8)Show Answer
  48. Mariner’s nemesis (9) Show Answer
  49. Fasten (4)Show Answer
  50. Clean home in disarray (9)Show Answer