Means of Transport (Real and Imaginary)

  1. Rubbish! (4)Show Answer
  2. Was miserable (5)Show Answer
  3. Push your way in (5)Show Answer
  4. It’s murder, we hear (6)Show Answer
  5. ‘A ______ is counted but a vain thing to save a man’ (BCP Psalms) (5)Show Answer
  6. A storm-tossed ocean (5)Show Answer
  7. Comic sketches without a beginning to them (4)Show Answer
  8. A number at Delphi? (7)Show Answer
  9. Fish on the table (10)Show Answer
  10. One in reordered parish (7)Show Answer
  11. Race while front of house is destroyed (10)Show Answer
  12. New-born cherub, one embracing love (8)Show Answer
  13. Path for a bird? (7)Show Answer
  14. Stevenson travelled with one (6)Show Answer
  15. Essay on many sheets of paper, delivered orally (7)Show Answer
  16. Epic host, as deployed . . . (4-6)Show Answer
  17. . . . thanks to a letter (4)Show Answer
  18. Capital! (6)Show Answer
  19. Danes’ new professorship (5,5)Show Answer
  20. What Mr Donegan played after abandoning the French (5)Show Answer
  21. £25; gin as well! (4,3,4)Show Answer
  22. Time had a winged one for Andrew the poet (7)Show Answer
  23. Dynasty has so many followers? Not any! (6)Show Answer
  24. Trainer for the cast (10)Show Answer
  25. Heroin is superior to cunning (10)Show Answer
  26. Plant gum (10)Show Answer
  27. Patches of standing water running backwards! (5)Show Answer
  28. Tube, just over a yard long; nothing for English (5)Show Answer
  29. Unknown number of Germans . . . (5)Show Answer
  30. . . . who had become confused? (6)Show Answer
  31. The Right is confused about priest and policeman (10)Show Answer
  32. Light gold (6)Show Answer
  33. Have up for rebuke after enchantment (5,6)Show Answer
  34. Room with weaving instrument (5,7)Show Answer
  35. Queen of Commonwealth state (8)Show Answer
  36. Pamphlet on alternative (7)Show Answer
  37. Terriers came first? (7)Show Answer
  38. Discovered in shutting lid erratically (6)Show Answer
  39. Legendary bad driver missing hospital (7)Show Answer
  40. Audible attempt to acquire tool, by the sound of it (8)Show Answer
  41. See how fast the device goes in Wells, for example (4,7)Show Answer
  42. TM (6)Show Answer
  43. Strain for playwright (8)Show Answer
  44. Southern bird, English royal (7)Show Answer
  45. Swell up (7)Show Answer
  46. A pound for an Irishman (4)Show Answer
  47. Recycled amber in us (9)Show Answer
  48. Master East is sorted out . . . (7)Show Answer
  49. . . . or a castle is demolished (9)Show Answer
  50. The market makes a comeback (4)Show Answer