Plants, real and fictional

  1. Where the money’s made (4)Show Answer
  2. Ivy’s friend with a bottle of wine (9)Show Answer
  3. Melancholy beauty we hear (8)Show Answer
  4. He admired himself too much (9)Show Answer
  5. Avalanche? (8)Show Answer
  6. Spoil one who gets first prize (8) Show Answer
  7. Article on cat, say, at college (7)Show Answer
  8. Whale concealed itself (6)Show Answer
  9. Blake’s was weary of time (9)Show Answer
  10. Reprimand for a high-flyer (6)Show Answer
  11. Short paragraphs on a type of line (7)Show Answer
  12. Favourable surroundings (6)Show Answer
  13. Priest gets mixed up with a couple of chaps (9)Show Answer
  14. The quarrel when drug disappears (6)Show Answer
  15. Orwell wanted us to keep it flying (10)Show Answer
  16. In these gardens, a gentleman may walk with you (4)Show Answer
  17. Coward’s song (6,5)Show Answer
  18. Defeat gravity with affection (8)Show Answer
  19. Cunningly argue: ‘Not all mine’ (8)Show Answer
  20. Your old compiler! (5)Show Answer
  21. Ready in Paris about four (6)Show Answer
  22. Eastern camel, twisted with agony, we’re told (10)Show Answer
  23. Day-labourer and youth leader (5)Show Answer
  24. Ratty’s friend? (4)Show Answer
  25. Get teas prepared (7)Show Answer
  26. ‘And there’s the Lenten ___, That has not long to stay And dies on Easter day’ (Housman) (4)Show Answer
  27. Loud and soft (4)Show Answer
  28. Scattered under logs (9)Show Answer
  29. Sir Percy’s alias (7,9)Show Answer
  30. Mythical beast eats heavenly being, having bitten off tail (9)Show Answer
  31. Musical phrase repeated in not altogether orderly context (7)Show Answer
  32. Martial instrument (5)Show Answer
  33. Males of different species (8)Show Answer
  34. Forceful but nameless (6)Show Answer
  35. Post office in Badger’s home has first-class return (10)Show Answer
  36. Jersey to lose a number to Ulster (7)Show Answer
  37. Home in a boat (7)Show Answer
  38. Not many left after the illness (8)Show Answer
  39. Overturn barrel before back massage and soak (9)Show Answer
  40. Number of mythical birds around university (6)Show Answer
  41. Aldebaran? I see . . . It’s in there! (5)Show Answer
  42. ‘The inequity of oblivion blindly scattereth her _____’ (Thomas Browne) (5)Show Answer
  43. Henry must march astray when leader of regiment goes missing (13)Show Answer
  44. One note changed for another in ill-feeling (8)Show Answer
  45. 45 Printers’ signs incorporated into note (7)Show Answer
  46. Preaching sailor? (4-2-3-6)Show Answer
  47. Trophy for a sovereign (7)Show Answer
  48. Give baby some milk, darling! (11)Show Answer
  49. Sybil’s other half (5)Show Answer
  50. A girl or two (8)Show Answer