Drinks all round

  1. Article on famous clown (5)Show Answer
  2. Chocolate biscuit with this …? (7)Show Answer
  3. … and cake with this? (7)Show Answer
  4. Cartel broken up (6)Show Answer
  5. Torment mixed with bile, maybe (6,5)Show Answer
  6. Get bigger and bigger (8)Show Answer
  7. Reformed, quit ale – for this? (7)Show Answer
  8. A grain’s processed here (7)Show Answer
  9. Newcastle? (4)Show Answer
  10. Sterne’s eponymous hero (6)Show Answer
  11. Cast about to go astray (6)Show Answer
  12. Transformation of mortal with drug for adult (6)Show Answer
  13. Back inside, prepared ice-cream for tea (5)Show Answer
  14. Letter to an opponent (7)Show Answer
  15. Field (4)Show Answer
  16. Cautious about girl (10)Show Answer
  17. Soul returns in state (4)Show Answer
  18. That’s champion, Fred! (5)Show Answer
  19. Within forge, a thin piece of metal (6)Show Answer
  20. Charlie succeeds in song (9)Show Answer
  21. ‘Sir Joseph! Carry your bags, sir?’ (6)Show Answer
  22. The Ethiopian King Arthur (5)Show Answer
  23. Town in America and German youth leader (8)Show Answer
  24. Made in north-east Reading (9)Show Answer
  25. Lodge for a time with Uncle? (4)Show Answer
  26. A snare for the unwary (3)Show Answer
  27. Heads of businesses report also at beginning of year (6)Show Answer
  28. Make the chauffeur suffer! (11)Show Answer
  29. Money to start with (5)Show Answer
  30. Make the most of exploit (4)Show Answer
  31. Short gospel – can I follow? (7)Show Answer
  32. A light two-wheeled carriage (6)Show Answer
  33. In ancient Israel, between Dan and Sheba (4)Show Answer
  34. Bouncer? (8)Show Answer
  35. Spoil Georgia and another girl? (9)Show Answer
  36. ‘Cognac, ____, 23 and Beaune’ (Flanders & Swann) (8)Show Answer
  37. What’s happened still exists (6)Show Answer
  38. Found in one who has a keen sense of humour (4)Show Answer
  39. Nod off after school, before adding an afterthought (8)Show Answer
  40. Confused doctor, artist and father! (6)Show Answer
  41. Rush around with bottle-opener (5)Show Answer
  42. Ban soft fabric (5,6)Show Answer
  43. Eccentric … (3)Show Answer
  44. … overweight … (5)Show Answer
  45. … stick-in-the-mud … (3-9)Show Answer
  46. … Dutch lawyer (8)Show Answer
  47. Mingle the elements at random (9)Show Answer
  48. Designed the basin (8)Show Answer
  49. Unexpectedly nastier, … (7)Show Answer
  50. … made from the demon ale! (8)Show Answer