Comic Creations

  1. Sailor with a taste for spinach (6)Show Answer
  2. Has he been up the chimney? (5)Show Answer
  3. Herb not working, we hear (5,6)Show Answer
  4. Hebridean cloth (6,5)Show Answer
  5. The Owl of the Remove (5,6)Show Answer
  6. She liked her epitaphs deranged! (3,8)Show Answer
  7. A station to endure (10,4)Show Answer
  8. Mr Thatcher putting on the frighteners, as you might say (6,3,6)Show Answer
  9. Sounds like a one-off (5)Show Answer
  10. Powerful pawnbroker in Eastern Europe (5-5,8)Show Answer
  11. Wandering, Mr James, you say? There’s nothing following behind (8,3,5)Show Answer
  12. Victoria when young? (6,4)Show Answer
  13. Piper’s son with German in wartime (3,3,5)Show Answer
  14. Woman by lake loved Crete, after a fashion (4,9,2,8)Show Answer
  15. Article to criticise abandoned children (3,4,6,4)Show Answer
  16. Plant broom (5,5)Show Answer
  17. Officer to pinch star? That’s crazy! (7,9)Show Answer
  18. Shoot the cat (7)Show Answer
  19. Hopeless at judo level (9,3)Show Answer
  20. Juan’s lady and I get organised about note (6,3,5)Show Answer
  21. The Curse of St Custard’s (5,10)Show Answer
  22. Elderly relative of Mr Giles (7)Show Answer
  23. 2 ennobled and acquiring name (4,6)Show Answer
  24. Workers on river (8)Show Answer
  25. Legendary king with unproductive acreage (6,11)Show Answer
  26. Guarantee to exchange drugs for silver and mix well (9)Show Answer
  27. Fruitcake from Greater Manchester (6)Show Answer
  28. Alias ‘Mr Artist’, having a drink (8,6)Show Answer
  29. Ascetic to give birth (4,4)Show Answer
  30. Sir Pelham Grenville’s butler (6)Show Answer
  31. Mr Campbell, get down! (6,4)Show Answer
  32. Gloomy summer? (10)Show Answer
  33. Two rivers, not well, but coming to nothing in the end (3,7)Show Answer
  34. Mr Novello as train driver? (4,3,6)Show Answer
  35. Singer in defter arrangement (4,6)Show Answer
  36. He’s in the process of decomposition! (5)Show Answer
  37. Flower number 9 (7)Show Answer
  38. Beget a young troublemaker in the fifties (6,3)Show Answer
  39. Frances Fish (5,7)Show Answer
  40. Lead the side, having degree in conflict, holding on to a mixed gin! (7,10)Show Answer
  41. Member of the flock with a haircut, by the sound of it (5,3,5)Show Answer
  42. Nicer bananas (from the north?)Show Answer
  43. I loan dream to be interpreted (6,4)Show Answer
  44. Fish meadow (8)Show Answer
  45. Evil eye on source of metal (6)Show Answer
  46. Field marshal with snake (5,6)Show Answer
  47. Wilde’s handbag woman! (4,9)Show Answer
  48. Specialist in low comedy? (6)Show Answer
  49. Skipper has dog to clean up (7,7)Show Answer
  50. Father of James and John (7)Show Answer